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Nominated Occupation List

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ANZSCO CodeNameSkill Level
Local Government Legislator1
Member of Parliament1
Legislators nec1
Retail Manager (General)2
Hospitality, Retail and Service Managers nec2
Corporate Treasurer1
Pet Groomer3
Photographer's Assistant3
Child Care Worker4
Family Day Care Worker4
Out of School Hours Care Worker4
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Worker4
Integration Aide4
Preschool Aide4
Teachers' Aide4
Aged or Disabled Carer4
Dental Assistant4
Hospital Orderly4
Nursing Support Worker4
Personal Care Assistant4
Therapy Aide4
Child or Youth Residential Care Assistant4
Hostel Parent4
Refuge Worker4
Bar Attendant4
Cafe Worker5
Gaming Worker4
Hotel Service Manager3
Bar Useful or Busser5
Doorperson or Luggage Porter5
Hospitality Workers nec5
Alarm, Security or Surveillance Monitor5
Armoured Car Escort5
Crowd Controller4
Private Investigator4
Retail Loss Prevention Officer5
Security Consultant3
Security Officer5
Security Officers and Guards nec5
Beauty Therapist4
Gallery or Museum Guide4
Tour Guide4
Natural Remedy Consultant4
Weight Loss Consultant4
Herbalist (Western)4
Tourist Information Officer4
Travel Consultant4
Civil Celebrant4
Hair or Beauty Salon Assistant5
Sex Worker or Escort5
Body Artist4
Religious Assistant4
Personal Service Workers nec4
Fitness Instructor4
Bungy Jump Master4
Fishing Guide4
Hunting Guide4
Mountain or Glacier Guide4
Outdoor Adventure Instructor4
Trekking Guide4
Whitewater Rafting Guide4
Outdoor Adventure Guides nec4
Office Manager2
Health Practice Manager2
Practice Managers nec2
Personal Assistant3
Secretary (General)3
Legal Secretary3
General Clerk4
Data Entry Operator4
Machine Shorthand Reporter4
Word Processing Operator4
Call or Contact Centre Team Leader3
Call or Contact Centre Operator4
Information Officer4
Receptionist (General)4
Admissions Clerk4
Hotel or Motel Receptionist4
Medical Receptionist4
Accounts Clerk4
Cost Clerk4
Payroll Clerk4
Bank Worker4
Credit or Loans Officer4
Insurance Consultant4
Money Market Clerk4
Statistical Clerk4
Betting Agency Counter Clerk5
Bookmaker's Clerk5
Telephone Betting Clerk5
Betting Clerks nec5
Postal Delivery Officer5
Filing or Registry Clerk5
Mail Clerk5
Postal Sorting Officer5
Survey Interviewer5
Switchboard Operator5
Classified Advertising Clerk5
Meter Reader5
Parking Inspector5
Clerical and Office Support Workers nec5
Production Clerk4
Purchasing Officer4
Stock Clerk4
Warehouse Administrator4
Order Clerk4
Despatching and Receiving Clerk4
Import-Export Clerk4
Clerk of Court3
Court Orderly3
Law Clerk3
Trust Officer3
Debt Collector4
Human Resources Clerk4
Customs Officer4
Immigration Officer4
Motor Vehicle Licence Examiner4
Noxious Weeds and Pest Inspector4
Social Security Assessor4
Taxation Inspector4
Train Examiner4
Transport Operations Inspector4
Water Inspector4
Inspectors and Regulatory Officers nec4
Library Assistant4
Production Assistant (Film, Television, Radio or Stage)4
Proof Reader4
Radio Despatcher4
Facilities Administrator4
Clerical and Administrative Workers nec4
Sales Representative (Building and Plumbing Supplies)4
Sales Representative (Business Services)4
Sales Representative (Motor Vehicle Parts and Accessories)4
Sales Representative (Personal and Household Goods)4
Sales Representatives nec4
Sales Assistant (General)5
ICT Sales Assistant5
Motor Vehicle or Caravan Salesperson4
Motor Vehicle Parts Interpreter4
Pharmacy Sales Assistant5
Retail Supervisor4
Service Station Attendant5
Cash Van Salesperson5
Door-to-door Salesperson5
Street Vendor5
Materials Recycler5
Rental Salesperson5
Sales Assistants and Salespersons nec5
Checkout Operator5
Office Cashier5
Sales Demonstrator5
Ticket Seller5
Transport Conductor5
Visual Merchandiser4
Other Sales Support Worker5
Clay Products Machine Operator4
Concrete Products Machine Operator4
Glass Production Machine Operator4
Stone Processing Machine Operator4
Clay, Concrete, Glass and Stone Processing Machine Operators nec4
Industrial Spraypainter4
Paper Products Machine Operator4
Sawmilling Operator4
Other Wood Processing Machine Operator4
Photographic Developer and Printer4
Plastic Cablemaking Machine Operator4
Plastic Compounding and Reclamation Machine Operator4
Plastics Fabricator or Welder4
Plastics Production Machine Operator (General)4
Reinforced Plastic and Composite Production Worker4
Rubber Production Machine Operator4
Plastics and Rubber Production Machine Operators nec4
Sewing Machinist4
Footwear Production Machine Operator4
Hide and Skin Processing Machine Operator4
Knitting Machine Operator4
Textile Dyeing and Finishing Machine Operator4
Weaving Machine Operator4
Yarn Carding and Spinning Machine Operator4
Textile and Footwear Production Machine Operators nec4
Chemical Production Machine Operator4
Motion Picture Projectionist4
Sand Blaster4
Sterilisation Technician4
Machine Operators nec4
Crane, Hoist or Lift Operator4
Shot Firer4
Engineering Production Worker4
Boiler or Engine Operator4
Bulk Materials Handling Plant Operator4
Cement Production Plant Operator4
Concrete Batching Plant Operator4
Concrete Pump Operator4
Paper and Pulp Mill Operator4
Railway Signal Operator4
Train Controller4
Waste Water or Water Plant Operator4
Weighbridge Operator4
Stationary Plant Operators nec4
Agricultural and Horticultural Mobile Plant Operator4
Logging Plant Operator4
Earthmoving Plant Operator (General)4
Backhoe Operator4
Bulldozer Operator4
Excavator Operator4
Grader Operator4
Loader Operator4
Forklift Driver4
Aircraft Baggage Handler and Airline Ground Crew4
Paving Plant Operator4
Railway Track Plant Operator4
Road Roller Operator4
Streetsweeper Operator4
Mobile Plant Operators nec4
Taxi Driver4
Automobile Drivers nec4
Bus Driver4
Charter and Tour Bus Driver4
Passenger Coach Driver4
Train Driver4
Tram Driver4
Delivery Driver4
Truck Driver (General)4
Aircraft Refueller4
Furniture Removalist4
Tanker Driver4
Tow Truck Driver4
Car Detailer5
Commercial Cleaner5
Domestic Cleaner5
Commercial Housekeeper5
Domestic Housekeeper5
Laundry Worker (General)5
Ironer or Presser5
Carpet Cleaner5
Window Cleaner5
Cleaners nec5
Builder's Labourer5
Drainage, Sewerage and Stormwater Labourer5
Earthmoving Labourer5
Plumber's Assistant5
Building Insulation Installer4
Home Improvement Installer4
Paving and Surfacing Labourer5
Railway Track Worker4
Construction Rigger4
Steel Fixer4
Structural Steel Erector4
Crane Chaser5
Driller's Assistant5
Mining Support Worker5
Surveyor's Assistant5
Baking Factory Worker5
Brewery Worker5
Confectionery Maker5
Dairy Products Maker5
Fruit and Vegetable Factory Worker5
Grain Mill Worker5
Sugar Mill Worker5
Winery Cellar Hand5
Food and Drink Factory Workers nec5
Meat Boner and Slicer4
Meat Process Worker5
Poultry Process Worker5
Seafood Process Worker5
Chocolate Packer5
Container Filler5
Fruit and Vegetable Packer5
Meat Packer5
Seafood Packer5
Packers nec5
Product Assembler5
Metal Engineering Process Worker5
Plastics Factory Worker5
Rubber Factory Worker5
Product Examiner4
Product Grader4
Product Tester4
Paper and Pulp Mill Worker5
Sawmill or Timber Yard Worker5
Wood and Wood Products Factory Worker5
Cement and Concrete Plant Worker5
Chemical Plant Worker5
Clay Processing Factory Worker5
Fabric and Textile Factory Worker5
Footwear Factory Worker5
Glass Processing Worker5
Hide and Skin Processing Worker5
Recycling Worker5
Factory Process Workers nec5
Aquaculture Worker5
Fruit or Nut Farm Worker5
Fruit or Nut Picker5
Grain, Oilseed or Pasture Farm Worker5
Vegetable Farm Worker5
Vegetable Picker5
Vineyard Worker5
Mushroom Picker5
Crop Farm Workers nec5
Forestry Worker4
Logging Assistant4
Tree Faller4
Garden Labourer5
Horticultural Nursery Assistant5
Beef Cattle Farm Worker5
Dairy Cattle Farm Worker5
Mixed Livestock Farm Worker5
Poultry Farm Worker5
Sheep Farm Worker5
Wool Handler5
Livestock Farm Workers nec5
Mixed Crop and Livestock Farm Worker5
Pest Controller4
Farm, Forestry and Garden Workers nec5
Fast Food Cook5
Pastrycook's Assistant5
Food Trades Assistants nec5
Freight Handler (Rail or Road)5
Truck Driver's Offsider5
Waterside Worker5
Shelf Filler5
Deck Hand4
Fishing Hand4
Motor Vehicle Parts and Accessories Fitter (General)4
Exhaust and Muffler Repairer4
Radiator Repairer4
Tyre Fitter4
Printer's Assistant4
Printing Table Worker4
Recycling or Rubbish Collector5
Vending Machine Attendant5
Bicycle Mechanic5
Car Park Attendant5
Crossing Supervisor5
Electrical or Telecommunications Trades Assistant5
Leaflet or Newspaper Deliverer5
Mechanic's Assistant5
Railways Assistant5
Sign Erector5
Ticket Collector or Usher5
Trolley Collector5
Road Traffic Controller5
Labourers nec5

AACA: Architects Accreditation Council of Australia |

ANZSCO CodeNameSkill Level

AASW: Australian Association of Social Workers |

ANZSCO CodeNameSkill Level
Social Worker1

ACPSEM: Australasian College of Physical Scientists and Engineers in Medicine |

ANZSCO CodeNameSkill Level

ACS: Australian Computer Society |

ANZSCO CodeNameSkill Level
Chief Information Officer1
ICT Project Manager1
ICT Managers nec1
ICT Trainer1
ICT Business Analyst1
Systems Analyst1
Multimedia Specialist1
Web Developer1
Analyst Programmer1
Developer Programmer1
Software Engineer1
Software Tester1
Software and Applications Programmers nec1
Database Administrator1
ICT Security Specialist1
Systems Administrator1
Computer Network and Systems Engineer1
Network Administrator1
Network Analyst1
ICT Quality Assurance Engineer1
ICT Support Engineer1
ICT Systems Test Engineer1
ICT Support and Test Engineers nec1
Web Administrator2

ACWA: Australian Community Workers Association |

ANZSCO CodeNameSkill Level
Welfare Centre Manager1
Welfare Worker1
Community Worker2
Youth Worker2

ADC: Australian Dental Council |

ANZSCO CodeNameSkill Level
Dental Specialist1

AGE - Agency that approves the appointment

ANZSCO CodeNameSkill Level
Tribunal Member1

AIM: Australian Institute of Management

ANZSCO CodeNameSkill Level
Chief Executive or Managing Director1
Corporate General Manager1
Sales and Marketing Manager1
Advertising Manager1
Public Relations Manager1
Human Resource Manager1
Engineering Manager1
Supply and Distribution Manager1
Procurement Manager1

AIMS: Australian Institute of Medical Scientists |

ANZSCO CodeNameSkill Level
Medical Laboratory Scientist1
Medical Laboratory Technician2
Pathology Collector3

AIQS: Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors |

ANZSCO CodeNameSkill Level
Quantity Surveyor1

AITSL: Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership |

ANZSCO CodeNameSkill Level
Early Childhood (Pre-primary School) Teacher1
Primary School Teacher1
Middle School Teacher1
Secondary School Teacher1
Special Needs Teacher1
Teacher of the Hearing Impaired1
Teacher of the Sight Impaired1
Special Education Teachers nec1

AMSA: Australian Maritime Safety Authority |

ANZSCO CodeNameSkill Level
Ship's Engineer1
Ship's Master1
Ship's Officer1
Marine Surveyor1

ANMAC: Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council |

ANZSCO CodeNameSkill Level
Nursing Clinical Director1
Nurse Educator1